Techunifi provides IT solutions within a multidisciplinary framework. We offer solutions that will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors and grow your business. Our working experience with multiple companies at varying stages of digitization, based in Greensboro, NC, allows us to provide informed and objective advice on the best solutions for any specific business challenge. For corporations, hotels, offices, and restaurants, we provide a wide range of services.

The multidisciplinary approach of Techunifi means we act as one point of contact for all your professional service needs, offering multiple perspectives from which to understand any business challenge and identify the most appropriate solution for your specific requirements. As a result, we can help you increase your competitive advantage now and in the future by confidently accelerating your transformation journey.

Prioritizing interests, defining your goals, and understanding your objectives are fundamental. Our goal is to reach out to all partners and knowledge within our network and extend beyond our unique expertise. To help you meet your goals, we bring together the right partners. As we face the New Reality, we have an opportunity to transform and change our businesses for long-term growth and stability.


16+ years


Our multidisciplinary approach combines practical, deep industry knowledge
with over a decade of experience to help clients meet their challenges and take advantage of opportunities.


The next generation of technology.
Collaborative growth through convergence technologies.

90% of customers

say they value their experiences as much as their products and services.

With Techunifi, you get a team of talented individuals who place the customer's needs first. Our services are not restricted based on our remit; we design futuristic architecture to solve present-day challenges. Technology and IT solutions have been at the heart of Techunifi's work for over 10 years. In addition to providing IT and business services across a range of verticals, we also offer multidisciplinary consulting services. We deliver complete business solutions for any customer need with the biggest network of resellers, software vendors, system designers & more.


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As a leader in emerging technologies, Techunifi has been able to bring some great ideas to fruition for clients who are leading figures in their fields. Across all industries, we work with businesses of varied sizes and shapes. Our customer's loyalty is due to the fact that we do not hesitate to go the extra mile for them in order to succeed. With our high-quality, custom-made, cost-effective solutions and services, we continue to earn their trust. We are privileged to have had the opportunity to work with a number of our prestigious clients in the past.

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