IT Services

Providing uninterrupted system productivity and a seamless end-user experience is our priority. With more employees working from home, you can maximize productivity and uptime by relying on our expertise, insights, and technologies. Regardless of whether you need a little or a lot of assistance. Our support technologies services allow you to intervene before problems affect your business by extending your IT team.

With AI, machine learning, and data analytics, you'll be able to save time and boost availability. techunifi offers global technology services to bridge the gap between your digital vision and reality. Get the strategic guidance, the operational support and the training you need to accelerate your digital transformation.

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Migration Services

In order to move to a new platform, you must understand the data models, restrictions, and conversion formats of your current and new platforms. Migrations from your older provider to a new one can benefit from our extensive HR systems migration experience. A Platform Migration Assessment will assist you in identifying risk areas related to data migration and loss, defining scope of effort and timelines, and identifying data gaps and implementation approaches.

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(managed IT, service Provider)

Providers of Managed Services (MSPs) typically offer a wide range of IT services to their clients. A traditional value-added reseller (VAR) deals primarily with transactions and short-term relationships (such as around hardware/software purchases), while managed service providers (MSPs) establish long-term relationships with clients and charge them recurring fees for ongoing services. In spite of the fact that any type of customer can seek out a MSP depending on their needs, MSPs often serve small to medium-sized businesses that may be understaffed, or simply lack in-house IT resources. MSPs can easily deploy and manage Techunifi's award-winning solutions, which are highly effective at stopping today's cyberattacks.

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network management

Supporting diverse network environments is important to us. You can discover, monitor, manage, and optimize all the devices on your network provided by a variety of vendors with techunifi Software. With Techunifi, you can take advantage of thousands of devices across hundreds of vendors out of the box.

In addition to automating network discovery, Techunifi's network monitoring tool provides intuitive workflows that make it easy to identify when something is a miss. A responsive dashboard allows you to gauge the health of your network quickly and efficiently or drill down to the component level to pinpoint the problem.