Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling is an interconnected network constructed from smaller, standardized components. Across a campus or within a building, structured cabling can be installed. Such network cables are capable of supporting all of the technological advances of the workplace. Communication systems rely on structured cabling as their backbone. Planning, deploying, and maintaining communication network systems can be complex. techunifi is familiar with these issues. As a result of our expertise and experience, techunifi offers customers a commitment that the telecommunications infrastructure we design, construct and install will meet both present and future requirements.

techunifi knows that growth and productivity require an organized business network. The structured cabling we provide has a high level of flexibility because it can easily and quickly accommodate new installations, changes, or moves. By doing so, your business will experience better performance, resulting in increased profits. For the competitive market of today, techunifi is able to offer cost-effective products and installation services.

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Low voltage cabling,
CAT6/6A/5E, Fiber Optic

Our network cabling services are affordable and professional. Depending on the business need, network cabling pricing may vary from project to project. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of every business.

checked image Designed for high-density, high-bandwidth environments, Cat6 cabling supports higher speeds and faster Ethernet.

checked image A stands for Augmented, meaning that Cat6A is better at reducing alien crosstalk when compared to Cat 6, especially in the area of crosstalk between adjacent cables.

checked image Providing network and internet connectivity with Cat5e cabling is a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses.

checked image We can provide a range of fiber optic cabling solutions at affordable prices, including single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic connections.

checked image Cables within your home or business that support various digital technologies are known as low voltage cables.

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Other LV
control cables

Cables used for supplying electricity to low voltage installation systems are low voltage power and control cables. Industrial equipment such as motors and other machinery require low voltage cables. Armored cables are well suited to underground applications in industrial settings. techunifi offers a wide range of power and control cables in both single-core and multicore configurations. Indoor and outdoor applications include power plants, petrochemical factories, utility companies, and electrical equipment. The cables are manufactured using raw materials of the highest quality and the latest manufacturing techniques.

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Server Closet

Making a server room design from scratch can prove to be quite the challenge. There are many working parts, many standards, and many factors that need to be considered, even if you have a great IT team on-site. Techunifi, on the other hand, can help you setup the space and equipment without causing you any stress. If you need assistance planning and building server rooms in High Point, NC, we can provide you with everything you need. Data centers and server rooms can be configured in a number of ways, based on your company's size and requirements. From clients with small server closets to those with large data centers, techunifi has worked with them all. Despite the differences in specs, functionality and energy efficiency remain the most important aspects.

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techunifi is your global partner for structured testing to ensure reliability, quality, performance, compliance, and safety. The techunifi Platform supports you in improving the quality and safety of your product, gaining access to global markets, and clearly differentiating your product from the competition. The rigorous assessments that techunifi offers to customers include those already expected by manufacturers, installers, brand owners, retailers, governmental agencies, and consumers. Our customized services packages help reduce redundant testing, which saves time and money, and lets your company get safer and better-quality products to market faster.