Audio Systems

The best distributed audio systems in High Point, NC, and nearby areas are delivered by techunifi, the company with decades of experience, in-depth knowledge, and superior customer service. A distributed audio system is an effective way to broadcast audio throughout public and commercial spaces. Your audio system should reflect the needs of your business and reflect your workplace. Experienced Audio NC technicians can help you create AV solutions that fit your needs, are installed on-time, and are within your price range.

Improve customer experience with one of the most trusted audio installation companies in High Point, NC. At techunifi, we believe that an audio system is only one part of the experience. Your business or organization can work with our design team to customize a customized distributed audio solution for your space. Our audio systems feature complete originality, a wide range of impressive features, and seamless integration.

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Background Music Services (BMS) allow multi-component music player apps to play audio playback in the background even when one or more user interface components (music service apps) are closed or inactive. In the Background Music service, communications are established between UI components and corresponding backend services, playback is managed, all audio player providers are tracked, and a control interface is provided for playback control. techunifi offers a small and lightweight application (Overture) to control your audio while your front-end is closed, similar to how most mobile devices have a lockscreen UI that controls your music. As soon as the front-end UI is inactive or closed, the Background Music Service switches to the Overture UI.

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Audio amplifier -
based and Voice-over

The best possible sound quality should be provided to your audience! Our voice-over and audio amplifier services are available in minutes. A variety of sound effects and music compositions are available from dialog editing, restoration, sound effects, and foley to editing and mixing. Please visit our website to receive a quote today. During mixing and mastering, EQ, compression, and gain are used to enhance the sound quality of your audio to ensure that it is consistent from track to track. In addition to making your file more accessible to the largest audience possible, mixing and mastering also allow you to deliver it on virtually any device.

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meeting room

Technology such as audio and video can provide a productive and collaborative environment for modern meeting rooms. It is needed that the technology is both simple to use and meets the needs of the users, and our meeting room solutions can meet both those requirements. All these applications need to be supported by the AV technology installed in this single meeting room in addition to being durable enough to handle extensive use on a daily basis. Depending on the needs of the room, we offer a broad range of meeting room solutions, ranging from fixed, integrated rooms to fully-customizable, plug-and-play meeting spaces. Meeting room solutions provided by these companies are long-lasting, provide long warranties, and provide all the tools necessary to meet your meeting room's needs.

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Live DJ

In partnership with each of our clients, techunifi creates a top-notch DJ experience they want for their wedding or special event no matter how large or small. techunifi allows DJs to stream live performances online. It allows digital DJs all over the world to stream free live performances.